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With its compact 24 inch cabinet size the ATOM is an ideal machine for small

space.When you are looking to replace an average top loader,the ATOM meets

your needs and uses less water and more energy.

compact atom

With its compact 24 inch cabinet

 size the Atom is an ideal machine 

for small space. When you are

 looking to replace an average top

 loader, the Atom meets your 

needs and uses less water and less 


atom LG

The Atom’s Power wash program

enables a heating system that boils 

water creating a better washing 



* Power wash program is a default

 option for every program in a heater 

type model. 

* Power wash program is enabled

 when a customer pushes

 “add super wash button”

(+ Program Button (Hot/Warm)) in a

 non-heater type model.

atom LG

Unlike the traditional belt and pulley,

 the LG Commercial Laundry drum is

 directly attached to the motor

 providing superior durability and 


Less parts equal less repairs.

atom LG

The tempered glass door is less

 susceptible to breakage and 

scratching, while the transparent 

cover allows for easy viewing.

A dirty tub from hours long operation

 can diminish washing performance.

 In the case of conventional washers,

 regular tub cleaning is recommended

 for improved washing performance.

 But, LG Commercial Washers have

 Smart Tub Cleaning System. 

This program will help you keep a

 clean tub,

 even in the busiest locations.

atom LG


Multiple dampers absorb vibration 

and reduce noise creating a quieter

 washing environment.

atom LG

The stainless steel drum helps

 prevent clothes from staining or

 damages during the wash cycle.

atom LG

When an LG Commercial Washer

 detects over-suds during a washing

 cycle, it moves into a suds reduction

 process which delivers a better

 washing performance.

atom LG

The surface of the embossed inner

 drum increases the amount of

 contact with fabric.

 This creates better washing action

 and helps remove more 

dirt and stains.

atom LG

A dirty tub from hours of

 long operation can affect

 washing performance.

 Our tub cleaning program 

helps you keep a clean tub 

even in the busiest locations.

atom LG

The washer functions and 

usage data can be managed

 and controlled wireless using 

a PDA Linked function.

 Also the debit system transfers

 Laundry information to 

the website, this allows the user

 to check the Laundry progress

 form home.

atom LG

LG Commercial Laundry products

 are all front service accessible.

 Valuable service time 

will never be wasted gaining

 access to key service elements.