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Giant washer

The Giant-C is the best Solution for your Business.

Save Costs and Space with High Efficiency and Easy Installation

and Make Money On LG Reliability.


AdaptAble™ Controls

AdaptAble™ Controls provide the space saving and convenience without

compromising capacity while retaining easy to reach controls.

The controls are
always at a convenient height and are versatile

enough to match your needs.

Installation Flexibility

Install your laundry to meet your needs and space with

side by side or stack
configuration. Easy to bring and reinstall your

products even though you move to
new house.Specific parts sold

separately are
required to stack machine.


Easy Sliding System

The Easy Sliding System allows for quick and easy maintenance.

The innovative
sliding mechanism enables you to service the down

stack without having to completely remove the upper stack.

By sliding the upper stack equipment, it is easy to access important

parts in both the upper and lower stack.

Washer & Dryer Stack Only


Dual Lock System

LG’s double locking system for the front panel and coin vault access

provides increased security.

Coin Washer & Dryer Stack Only

Model : F1069FDP, RN1329AN1,

RV1329AN1, GCWP1069QD,

GD1329QGD, GD1329QED

Titan-C LG

Inverter Direct Drive

Unlike the traditional belt and pulley, the LG Commercial

Laundry drum is directly attached to the motor providing superior

durability and reliability. Less parts equal less repairs.

Premium Powder Coated

Our powder coated finish creates the same durability as it

does when painting a car. It is sure to last long and

provide an easy to clean exterior.


Multi Heat Treatment

To ensure superior performance LG heat treats the shaft which

connects our drums and motors.

This protects against gradual wear and tear.

Top-mounted Dispenser

No worries about detergent spilling from a soap drawer

down the front of this machine.The LG top mounted soap

dispenser makes it easy to keep things clean.

atom LG

Multiple Damper Vibration Reduction

Multiple dampers absorb vibration and reduce noise

creating a quieter washing environment.

Steel Control Panel

The front access panel is constructed of strong coated steel – not

plastic, to enhance reliability and provide an important security

barrier for the coin box and vault as well as the

machine control assembly.

Titan-C LG

Stainless Steel Drum for Washer

The stainless steel drum helps prevent clothes from

staining or damages during the wash cycle.

Titan-C LG

Tempered Glass

The tempered glass door is less susceptible to breakage

and scratching, while the transparent cover

allows for easy viewing.


Space Saving

The small cabinet size with bigger washing capacity and

stackable design allows more customers and more machines

in limited space.

Atomizing System

The Atomizing nozzle sprays fresh water onto the clothes and the

door.This helps produces a rapid fill so clothes are soaked sooner and

longer providing a better washing performance. It also cleans

the door glass every time the water sprays on it,

reducing your burden of cleaning any excess soap residue.

Titan-C LG

Optimized Washing System

When an LG Commercial Washer detects over-suds during a

washing cycle, it moves into a suds reduction process

which delivers a better washing performance.


10° Tilted Drum

LG’s Commercial Washer tub is tilted at 10°.

It enables the washer to have a higher level of water in the tub

than the competition. This allows us to use less water

while not sacrificing superior washing performance.

Titan-C LG

Embossed Inner Drum

The surface of the embossed inner drum increases

the amount of contact with fabric. This creates better washing

action and helps remove more dirt and stains.

Titan-C LG

Tub Cleaning System

A dirty tub from hours of long operation can affect

washing performance. Our tub cleaning program helps

you keep a clean tub even in the busiest locations.


Customized Program

Users can design their own programs such as

washing time, rinse time, water level, etc. and save up to

20 washing programs to meet optimized washing performance.

Washer Single Only


Easy Programming

Intuitive programming controls allow operators to choose

from a variety of functions and programs, including price, cycle time,

cycle parameters, spin-speed and more, ensuring that

all washing requirements are met.

Titan-C LG

Easy Repair System

LG Commercial Laundry products are all front service accessible.

Valuable service time will never be wasted gaining access to

key service elements.


Multilingual Readout

Our mission is to make customers happy and enjoy

doing laundry with LG Commercial machines.

Easy to read directions in multiple languages.


Reversible Door for Dryer

The direction of the door swing can be easily changed to the

customer’s preference, left or right,

with no additional parts required.